Welcome to my new blog. The purpose for me creating the blog is to showcase some of my completed short stories and chapters I’ve written which I’m attempting to build a world from. I also would like to share some difficulties I’ve found in the process of writing my first full novel, well I’m writing one and a half actually but one is a combined effort with a friend who is definitely a more experienced author (deborahcfoulkes.wordpress.com). Go check her work out it’s brilliant.  Anyway, I hope in sharing my experiences and stories and all things writing I can find like minded fellows such as myself.

I feel that the way life is dealt to us we can only live the exciting life we have to a certain extent before issues of eating and poverty come into play. But by reading and writing we can live any and every life we could possibly imagine from becoming a thieving scoundrel with a good heart to a space pirate sailing the galaxy. This is what I love about writing and reading new and entrancing stories.




Updated May 7th 2017

Alongside my love for reading I have a passion for Psychology of groups and self-improvement, I am currently about to undertake a Human Resource Management Masters. This also means I have gained an interest in self-help and coaching, NeuroLinguistic Programming and Motivational Speaking. So I think this page will be my outlet for giving you guys a taste of what I’ve read or listened to that has been extremely helpful. The first book I have read until the paperback is falling off it is Derren Brown’s Trick of the Mind you can get it from amazon here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Books/Tricks-Mind-Derren-Brown/1905026358


ALSO, NEW TO 2017, I’ll be publish my first story online as way of invoking your comments and a weekly push to be able to finish this project, where should it go? Where would you like the story to twist and turn?